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A Creative Twisted Designed Flower Vases at Low Cost. 

Vases are one of the most important parts of decorating rooms. Almost everyone loves to decorate their house with flowers. So they must need a flower vase. So bring a flower with its gorgeous look. Also, if you gift your near one a red roses flower bouquet, she needs a vase to decorate her room with your memory. So you may give a flower vase with the bouquet. So go to our website, Manila City Florist, and check our choice. You may like it. Because when a thing we like then we add it to your website for our honorable customer.

Clear Vase


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Clear Vase

₱600.00 ( $ 11.64 )

₱790.00 ( $ 15.32 )

Safe Delivery of Ceramic Vases in the Philippines

Most flower vases are made from ceramic. Because the product looks so lovely, it also gives a very nice touch to make the indoor place more beautiful. That's why most people prefer ceramic flower vases. So you may have one or more to boost the watches of your cottage. But there is an issue, that is the delivery problem. It is a ceramic product. So there is a possibility of breaking it if there is any delivery delay.


 It happens when a third-party delivery service provider supplies the product. Because they don't care about the product, they think they can somehow deliver the product to the location. But in our case, the picture is entirely different because we don't use third parties to provide your gift. We have our delivery service team. They will carefully deliver your product to you Completely intact. If by any prospect it breaks, we will return it or repay you. So you can be completely worry-free.

Vase as Gift and Its Meaning

Everything has some purpose as well as meaning also. The vase has the same. But the definition of the vase is different from the flower. It is representative of love, care, adoration, etc. The vase is not like that. The vases symbolize an immersive planet or the technology that covers us that we have made.


That is the stamp of motherhood. It also has another definition. Let me clarify how. It gives space to the flower to express its beauty to the people. Although flowers and vases both complement each other. Although vases are used for various purposes, flowers are incomplete without vases. So a vase as a gift is one of the acceptable things for others.

Vases as a Wedding Gift 

Many of us now think about how people can gift vases at weddings. For those people, now the time and people's thinking have changed. It will be okay if you give a flower bouquet with a vase. But yes, gifting only vases doesn't make things look that good. But you can still gift a vase at a wedding. So here is an idea to provide vases at weddings. 


You might think gifting fresh flowers can be wasted because they take time to open. Well, we have an illustration for that too. You may gift a bouquet of Fossilized flowers. Because this flower does not spoil quickly, its qualities have been maintained for many years. So you can present this gift to your valued one's wedding without hearing what people say. This gift from you will help them set up their new home. 

Crystal Clear Flower Vase For Decorating

There are so many types of flower vases. But most people prefer clear flower vases which are crystal clear. Because it looks so simple and minimalistic, its beauty emerges better. If you try it once, you will better understand what I mean. And then, you can share your experience with us through our website.


So visit our website Manila City Florist to see the demo of a crystal clear flower vase. The extraordinary design of the flower vase will impress you quickly. You may get a double deal from us if you are fortunate. It is a special offer for our regular customers. So buy one instantly to be the lucky one.