Celebrate Your Special Moment With Cakes.

Prevalent things for celebrating the special day are cakes. Most people like to taste the cake. But a well-decorated cake appreciating your choice. If you want to surprise your dearest person, we suggest a uniquely designed cake for you. on our website; you will find an available uniquely designed cake for your demand and choice. You can add many memories and pictures to it, which we will create for you. Choose a cake from our website and make us command as you want. We will arrive at your door in time with your wanted cake.


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Surprise Gift Box Cake

There can be no bigger surprise than gifting a cake for a celebration. So never miss any chance to make anyone delighted. Doing this will make the someone you did it for more joyful. You will be so glad to see them happy. So surprise people and share the joy with all. 


Here you will receive the cake with a stylish round-shaped box that anyone wants. The beauty of the cake box will enhance your image if you serve the cake in front of everyone. You can use it in various tasks because it is solid and durable. So buy one for yourself now.

Safe Delivery of Cakes in the Philippines

Now you understand how important the safe delivery of cake is. The cake is a compassionate thing. Even a slight shake can cause it to lose shape or break. So if the delivery man delivers the cake carelessly, you may need to pay for the loss. Also, this can spoil all the fun. 


So Manila City Florist is here to take the risk. If anything is lost, we will replace it before the function, or if you want, we can refund you. So you can rest assured. We are taking this risk because we know that our delivery team has never done this. We have never even received such a report from a customer. 

Gift For Celebrating Christmas

Christmas Day is one of the happiest days for Christians. This day is celebrated differently by each person. But the most convenient way to celebrate Christmas is to serve feather cakes. So you can purchase it from the mart on a frigid day. We will deliver the freshly made cake to you. 


All you have to do is order a cake online from our website. Here you will receive a cake inside a stylish container with our warm greetings. So why are you getting late? Please place your order, enjoy the delicious cake, and share it with all.

The Items That You Can Add to The Cake

Gifting a cake is only satisfactory for some. So it will be more convenient if you add something to it. Now you may worry about which gift will be perfect for the cake. We will provide you with an index of guidance. From there, you can prefer which one you desire to add to the cake as a present. 


First, it will be best to add a flower bouquet because it is more acceptable for everyone. You can also add imported chocolate like Ferrero Roher, KitKat, Kisses, Toblerone, m&m's, Hershey's, etc. You will discover cute pandas, teddy bears, and heart-shaped pillows. Now it is your choice which one you desire to add to it.